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Fall Observations

September 30, 2008

Well, fall is officially here and you can feel it!  The air has cooled down but that sun is still keeping us nice and warm.  The leaves are just starting to do their thing and it looks like Mother Nature is getting ready to put on another spectacular show!  We’re starting to see some patches of vibrant reds beginning to appear in isolated pockets.  Yes sir, the show is about to begin.

The fishing has been good.  The Stripers are still hungry and really active.  I saw a huge school of Bluefish working the bait-fish over pretty good the other day.  Glad I wasn’t in their way!  The water temp has been at a balmy 60 degrees lately.  It’s good for the fish and even better for us Mainers, as it’s one of our last chances to enjoy a dip without coming back in with icicles in our shorts.

We are thankful for those cold nights as they have appeared to put an end to our mosquitoes.  I think every mosquito in York County has had a taste of me this summer.  Of course, I probably ought to thank a lot of you folks for tagging along and running interference for me during my hikes.  As some of you found out, the larger my group the better chance of me keeping more of my blood.  If interested in this technique, look in the Mainer’s Survival Guide, Section 2, How to Use Tourists for Bait.

Not only are the fish really active but the deer and moose are starting to move again!  I saw four beautiful deer feeding in a farm field close to the resort the other night.  My neighbor just saw a moose lumbering down our street and back into the woods.  Now that the summer crowds are gone, I guess it’s time for the real locals to start coming back!


The 2008 Fall Foliage Season is Underway!

September 29, 2008

Maine’s fall foliage season runs roughly from mid-September to mid-October, but this varies widely depending on weather, topography and geography. During this time, the deciduous trees of Maine begin their colorful transformation. Right on cue, Maine’s fall foliage has had a burst of emerging color. Hard frosts during the past week and a stretch of sunny days have weakened leaves and allowed more of their hidden colors to show. The cold evening temperatures have not damaged the foliage as every region of the state still has very low leaf drop. Be sure to visit the front office to view our color coded state map indicating the current foliage conditions in the various regions of the state. We also have available for you, suggested drives to view the foliage in these various regions.

Good news for procrastinating peepers! Things are a little later than usual-there will still be gorgeous scenery to see in New England through much of October. So it’s not too late to plan a fall foliage trip!!! Give us a call….

Early-Bird Specials are beginning!!

September 26, 2008

  Old Village Inn646-7088

  Early bird until 6:30pm



 4:30-5:45 for 14.99

 Chowder or salad and choice of 3 entrees

 (prime rib, chicken saltinboca or linguini w/white clam sauce)


Clay Hill Farm-361-2272
5 entrées to choose from for $19 at 5:30pm

Grey Gull- 646-7501

Everything is $17 at 5:30pm. Reservations required


Hayloft– 646-4400

50 items under $10- until further notice



Tues.-Pasta E Basta $15.00; Wed & Sun- 3 course dinner $18.  ; Thurs-Personal wine dinner $55.00 per couple


Mike’s Clam Shack– 646-5999

Early bird until 4:00pm


Katie’s Café-  641-2780

Free appetizers from 5pm-7pm- During the week (closed Wed.)

Comfort dishes for $8.95- Sundays


Front Porch- 646-4005

$9.99 specials- Thursdays (starting in October)


M C Perkins- 646-6263

Date Night (Sometime after Columbus Day)



Thurs & Sun-$12.00 Dinners; Martini Madness 5-6 PM every day at the bar;

Rain in Maine is NOT a Pain!

September 26, 2008

Yeah, Its raining… but so what?!  That doesn’t get us down!

 There are plenty of things to do around here in the rain…  In fact, some of the best pictures of the sea is while it is raining.  Take your hand at some amature photography and get your rain slicker on.  ( Wow – Rain Slicker? Geez – I’m reaching!).

Rainy weekends spark new adventures, they make you feel like a kid again.  They make you feel romantic and fuzzy….  When is the last time you held hands and walked in the rain…?

Come on up and have some fun in Ogunquit.

Deerfield Fair Weekend

September 24, 2008

Its time for the oldest Fair in New Hampshire to begin.  The Deerfield Fair is located about an hour south of the Resort.  Its a nice drive on a sunny day.  You can go on line and see the schedule of events.

When was the last time you went to a Fair?  A real fair.  One with the 4-H club showing their prize piglets and baking.  Watch the sheep gets sheared and see a true horse pulling contest!?

They have great exhibits and a horse show.  ( I’m partial to the Horse Show because my husband shows his horses there every year.)

I hope you take advantage of the weekend, get out there!

Have a great week.


Les Mis-the finale!!!

September 22, 2008

From now until the Columbus Day weekend, Les Miserables is closing out the season…It’s probably the most dramatic theatrical production the Ogunquit Playhouse has put out in a very long time. Huge cast, big music and very powerful voices. The theatergoers are raving about the quality of the production and old ladies are sobbing!!  Run to it, there’s only 3 weeks or so left.

It’s Country Fair Time in Maine!!!

September 22, 2008

Mainers love their country fairs, and visitors get a kick out of all the things they don’t normally see. Currently in progress is the Cumberland County Fair (September 18-September 28). This year’s annual fair will host the 21st Maine State Pumpkin and Squash weigh-in, a perennial favorite…seeing who will produce the largrest gord!

Dale Earnhardt’s #88 National Guard/AMP Nascar show car ill appear on Sptember 23rd and 24th. And, of course harness racing!!

Maine’s largest agricultural fair, the Fryeburg Fair is held annually during the 10 days prior to Columbus Day. Staged at the peak of foliage season, this huge fair is even more colorful than its surroundings. It’s a classic, old New England extravaganza, with snorting pigs, horse-pulling matches, serene llamas, pumpkins the size of Rhode Island, and contests for the best-looking  and best-tasting pies..

This fair runs from September 28-October 5 this year.  Come experience the fun of old fashioned country tradition.

A New Mailbox!

September 17, 2008

I know, I know.. You’ve been saying forever that we need a new mailbox. It’s been high on your list, you probably havn’t been able to sleep at night thinking about it, right!!!!

Well, never fear – we are on it!   Here is the new mailbox with our two fearless Engineers – Adam & Chuck!

So, send us a postcard!

Fall is setting in

September 15, 2008

Well, the tempature reads about 80 degrees today.. but Fall IS coming!

There’s so much to do in this area during the Fall Season…  You really should take a trip up and enjoy the sunny days and crisp evenings. is the Chamber Website.  It is filled with tons of interesting suggestions for events.

Hope to see you soon!

The Marginal Way for all seasons!

September 15, 2008

There’s a timeless place-a quiet corner of the world where the land meets the sea. Where tidal pools appear like hidden jewels and the ocean’s moods gracefully smooth craggy ledges. For generations it has shaped lives, shared its secret and offered rest from our fast paced world. This is Ogunquit’s Marginal Way-a meandering path that restores the soul.

In 1923, this magnificent strip of Maine coast “on the margin” of the ocean was given to the town by Josiah Chase of York. The 1 1/4 mile footpath offers breathtaking views of the bold Atlantic coast while winding past tangled honeysuckle and bittersweet bushes, gnarled shrubs of fragrant pink and white sea roses and shaded alcoves formed by windtwisted cedar trees. This buffer shelters dozens of coastal birds, delighting birdwatchers.

The sedimentary rocks and glacial features along the footpath represent nearly a half billion years of earth’s history framing unspoiled scenic vistas. The Marginal Way is one of the finest, most spectacular and most accessible panoramas of rocky shoreline in Maine.

The Marginal Way is a treasure, not only for residents of southern Maine but for the thousands of seasonal visitors who value the uniqueness of our coast. It is open to all and easily accessible by the handicapped. For many, it may be the only way to enjoy our beautiful coast.

Don’t miss it!!!

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