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Lenny-World’s largest Moose!

June 24, 2009

chocmooseDepending on your trajectory, the world’s only life-size chocolate moose is either the first or last worthy roadside attraction you will find in Maine. “Lenny”, as he has been named, is a mute-but-cheery ambassador for the Pine Tree state and a confection of Maine’s most marketable civic animal-if you don’t count the lobster—with the insatiable sweet tooth evident in most of its inhabitants.
Lenny draws the tourists to Len Libby Candies, a store that sells handcrafted chocolate and ice cream just south of Portland. Kenny’s sculptor, reportedly a former Fulbright fellow, traveled to Freeport to study the stuffed moose on display in the lobby of L.L. Bean. He then spent a month slathering, slapping and dripping 1,700 pounds of “superlative grade” milk chocolate over a wire lathe to create Lenny—eight feet tall and over nine feet from nose to tail—a process lovingly documented in a video that loops endlessly on a TV monitor next to his creation. Lenny stands in the Len Libby ice cream parlor, behind a fence to prevent licking, in front of a mural of a log cabin and—no surprise—pine trees. His feet disappear in a pond of white chocolate dyed blue.
Lenny was unveiled on July 1, 1997, and seems to have held up remarkably well, especially given the tragic track record of some other giant roadside food attractions. One of the store’s clerks says that the temperature around Lenny can never rise above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not really a problem in an ice cream parlor in Maine.
Aside from Lenny’s principal claim to fame, he is reportedly “the world’s largest chocolate animal sculpture”—which makes me wonder what other animals are out there, waiting to be discovered, rendered out of the sticky stuff.
Visit Lenny at 419 U.S. Route 1, Scarborough, Maine which is exit 42 from I-95-straight on Haigis Pkwy, then right onto Route 1 South at the lights. Admission is free!!!


Mt. A’s Wildlife Center

June 24, 2009

owlsMount Agamenticus has a unique private Wildlife center where it takes care of wounded animals that can not be returned back into the wild for a variety of reasons.  The center has always been closed to the public, but this year Jeff Brogan built such a strong relationship with them, that they are allowing InnSeason Guests to visist.  This is truly an amazing experience to see the wildlife of Maine.  There are all types of animals.  Make sure you sign up for this limited activity.

Jewelry Making Party

June 24, 2009

jewel2009The rain didn’t dampen our jewelry making party this week.  The families came up and worked on projects.  A fun time for the kids.

The First Clambake

June 22, 2009

clam1clam2As scheduled, our first Foster’s Clambake happened last Wednesday, June 17. The God’s were good and gave us a warm, sunny evening . The Foster’s crew arrived at 4:00 armed with all the fixin’s for a bountiful clambake, they set up the picnic tables and waited for the guests to arrive…… And they came- with empty stomachs and a yen for lobster. When they left, stomachs were full and a smile was on everyone’s face. Can’t wait for the weekly , guaranteed to please event!

The Wonderful World of Lobstah!

June 15, 2009

whole red lobster isolated on white backgroundHow to eat ‘lobstah’

If you really want to enjoy every mouth-watering morsel, follow these simple instructions:
1. A fresh Maine lobster ready to eat
2. Make sure you are wearing appropriate clothes (ie. skip the fancy outfits) or don a bib. Twist off the eight small legs. Suck out the meat and juices. Crunching down on the legs helps.
3. Twist off the claws.
4. Crack the claws, then take out the meat. Don’t miss the slivers of meat in the claw’s “thumbs”
5. Tear and twist off the tail from the body. Break off the flippers and treat them in the same manner as the small legs. Now you can get the tail meat out. Place your thumb on the back of the tail where the flippers were and push hard. The tail meat will shoot out the front.
6. Separate the back of the body and eat the green tomalley (optional). Crack the body open sideways and remove the last vestiges of meat. Congratulations! You now eat lobstah like a native!

SHOUT! comes to the Ogunquit Playhouse

June 15, 2009

SHOUT! at the Playhouse

The Mod Musical SHOUT!, a swinging 60’s sensation, opens this week at the Ogunquit Playhouse. Previews begin on Wednesday, June 17 and the show runs through July 11.
This bright vinyl time capsule tracks five groovy girls as they come of age in the 60s, those liberating days that made England hop! A musical journey from 1960 to 1970, packed full of songs, dance, nostalgia and fun. SHOUT! with its irresistible blend of hip-swiveling hits, eye-popping fashions and psychedelic dances from the 60s, will make you want to throw your head back and SHOUT!
You’ll hum along to Goldfinger, Downtown, Those Were the Days, These Boots are Made for Walking, Son of a Preacher Man, Don’t Sleep in the Subway and 17 more songs we all remember. Don’t miss this upbeat, happy performance…

Clambakes at The Falls!

June 8, 2009

Enjoy the goodness of Maine lobster with all the fixin’s! Beginning on June 17, we are bringing clambakes to the Falls each Wednesday, serving dinner at 5:00 pm.! Foster’s of York Harbor will provide the catering, steamed over a roaring wood fire- The Downeast way.
The menu consists of lobstah (of course), clam chowder, freshly dug Maine clams, cultivated mussels, fresh corn on the cob, roasted red bliss potatoes, roasted onions, rolls and butter, hot drawn butter and blueberry crumb cake. Oh, yes, and a wet nap to clean up. All for $35.00 per person. There is a $12.00 children’s menu, that provides a BBQ chicken plate or a Hot Dog Plate.
Sign-up is required by noon on Tuesday…
Bring your appetite and enjoy a real Downeast feast!

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