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Heather’s Notes from her 1st visit back.

March 7, 2008

colton.jpgI went to visit the Resort last week.  I was “homesick”!  Keith took a fall outside his house during the storm last week and really hurt himself.  He had to have surgery on his knee.  He will fill you in on the details.  So…. front desk is missing it’s daily gossip guy.  I wonder who will fill in the stories. 

 Everyone got to see Colton.  I think Dacia is ready to give up running the housekeeping department and just hold Colton as a full time job!!!  HAHAH!

 Rumor has it that David from Angelina’s in opening a 3rd restaurant downtown!  I can’t wait to see what he does.  Everything he opens seems to really take hold.  Good for him.

Norm and the maintenance team built 2 new tile showers for the downstairs pool bathrooms.  Bob, our painter, tiled the showers himself.  They look great.  That downstairs area is really shaping up to be one of my favorite spots now.  It used to look so shabby, but we’ve really focused on making it a better place.

Bad news for the Activities Department….. Melinda emailed me… she isn’t coming back this summer.  As a school teacher, she isn’t getting out as planned for summer break.  The weather was so bad, the kids are staying longer into June… Also, she lives farther away now and is all grown up and ready to take on the world.  So… what does that mean for The Falls kids???  Don’t worry!  We will find another Meldina, and if not – heck Keith would love to do a kids night out!!!  LOL

Talk to you next week!



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