Early-Bird Specials are beginning!!


  Old Village Inn646-7088

  Early bird until 6:30pm



 4:30-5:45 for 14.99

 Chowder or salad and choice of 3 entrees

 (prime rib, chicken saltinboca or linguini w/white clam sauce)


Clay Hill Farm-361-2272
5 entrées to choose from for $19 at 5:30pm

Grey Gull- 646-7501

Everything is $17 at 5:30pm. Reservations required


Hayloft– 646-4400

50 items under $10- until further notice



Tues.-Pasta E Basta $15.00; Wed & Sun- 3 course dinner $18.  ; Thurs-Personal wine dinner $55.00 per couple


Mike’s Clam Shack– 646-5999

Early bird until 4:00pm


Katie’s Café-  641-2780

Free appetizers from 5pm-7pm- During the week (closed Wed.)

Comfort dishes for $8.95- Sundays


Front Porch- 646-4005

$9.99 specials- Thursdays (starting in October)


M C Perkins- 646-6263

Date Night (Sometime after Columbus Day)



Thurs & Sun-$12.00 Dinners; Martini Madness 5-6 PM every day at the bar;


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