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Awesome Weekend!

April 30, 2008




Hi everyone!

What a great weekend we had here in Ogunquit.  The weather was perfect.  I went to lunch on Friday at Jackies Too in Perkins Cove with Brain Weeks from our exchange office.  We sat outside on the deck and had a great lunch.  It was a perfect day. 

There is some construction going on at the end of Perkins Cove, but that isn’t stopping anyone from going down there.  Oarweed wasn’t open yet, because they don’t have heat in that building, but someone was doing some work on the exterior.

Barnicle Billy’s deck was packed.  The drinks were flowing and the sunglasses were out in full force.You NEED to make a trip up here.  It’s the best time of year!

See you soon!  Heather



Ogunquit is open!!

April 16, 2008

Horray… after a long winter, all restaurants and shops have opened. Plenty to eat, plenty to buy. Imagine, an ice cream Sundae place open already. It’s just up the street from the resort-called Sundaes at the Beach.  Good Homemade ice cream. But, it’s still not Big Daddy’s, my long standing favorite.

I’ve found a great little Mexican joint with real Mexican food. It’s in Kittery , which is a ways away,  but when you’re shopping at the outlets, it’s not far. It’s called Loco Coco (which means crazy coconut in Spanish). The website has directions.  Another place in Kittery to eat while shopping is Robert’s- terrific seafood-contempory atmosphere-upbeat  feeling-better than McDonald’s and Burger King! It’s right on route 1.

While you’re downtown in Ogunquit, indulge yourself with homemade chocolates from Harbor Candy. Greaaaaat!. It’s also a fun place to visit with a real 40’s atmosphere-tin ceiling and all.

Have you noticed I like food?

He’s Baaaaack

April 8, 2008

I got back to the Front Desk last week leg brace and all-the stupid fall ruptured the quad tendon in the right leg-it’s taking forever to heal-better to have broken the leg!! While I was out, life in the Ogunquit area kept going–Heather mentioned in her blog recently that David from Angelina’s was opening a new restaurant- I hear it’s to be called Tapas and Tinis-serving the obvious!

For those of you who know food, Lydia Shire has opened a place in York Beach called Blue Sky-very Hollywood and very expensive but very good. Lydia opened a terrific place in Boston 25 or 30 years ago and has a top notch reputation around the country.

Lots of other places are opening again as we approach the official opening of Ogunquit on Patriot’s day weekend(April 18). The breakfast favorite Amore opens this coming Friday (April 4) and a favorite for breakfast, lunch and dinner , Wild Blueberry Cafe is now open four days a week.  So’s the Steakhouse in Wells. So, Spring is here and Ogunquit is close to being in bloom!!!

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