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Have you heard about this place??

May 23, 2017


I’m not good at keeping secrets, and I’m especially not good at keeping my mouth shut!  (which is probably a good thing since my job involves talking to people all day long…)  So, let me tell you about a wonderful little place that you might not know about – it’s called the ‘York Center for Wildlife’ or ‘CFW’ for short.  They are a wildlife rehabilitation facility just 7 miles away from our Resort.  Located at the base of Mt. Agamenticus, you’ll find them off the beaten track but still easy to locate.  I highly recommend anyone take a little time to visit and learn about our local wildlife, up close and personal. Founded in 1986 by a Maine veterinarian, they have grown in leaps and bounds.  Last year, they treated over 1800 small animal patients, from songbirds and raptors to reptiles and small mammals.  The goal is always to rehabilitate and release back into the wild, unfortunately, sometimes this isn’t possible.  If an animal would not survive on its own, but still can maintain a good quality of life, many times they are trained as ‘wildlife ambassadors’.  It’s really a win-win situation, for the animal and also for us!  When you visit the center, you’ll have the opportunity to view these ambassadors up close.  You’ll be able to learn about this creature, how it became injured, and why it cannot be released.  You’ll meet some of the most passionate people around.  They are doing their work simply because they love what they do!  As busy as they are, surprisingly a lot of people have never heard of them.  I’m doing my part in helping to spread the information by providing shuttle service for our guests to the Center.  We enjoy the Tuesday Tour at Two, which includes an up-close visit from an ambassador, a tour around the outdoor enclosures containing other animals, and then a visit to their baby bird room.  If you haven’t heard multiple hungry baby birds chirping for their constant meals, then you just haven’t lived!  I highly recommend you check this place out – visit their website at or check out their Facebook page.  And, if you find an animal that is injured or believed to be abandoned by its mother, give the Center a call on their hotline.  They’ll be able to help determine whether the animal should be left alone or brought in for care and treatment.  Hope you spread this little secret and take a visit yourself!  Enjoy the day, Sue


Have you been to Ogunquit?

May 15, 2017


Hello!  I thought I’d take a few minutes of your time to introduce you to one of the most wonderful seacoast towns in Maine – Ogunquit!  At a whopping 4 square miles, we pack a lot of punch into a small area!  First of all, our beach is the best around.  Ogunquit Beach is approximately 3-1/2 miles from one end to the other, and the sand is well-suited for walking or running.  Then you’ll want to head to our quaint ‘downtown’.  Retail shops, restaurants, a chocolatier, a bakery, a piano bar, a movie theatre – how much more do you really need?  Next, it’s off to Perkins Cove for a nice walk along the Marginal Way.  This is the perfect spot for photos – just imagine blue skies, puffy clouds, turquoise water with white capped waves, all along a rocky coastline…  After a leisurely stroll along the 1-1/4 mile paved trail, you’ll want to head to Barnacle Billy’s for their famous ‘rum punch’ to complete the day.  After all, tomorrow there is more exploring to do! Maybe you’ll book a fishing tour or enjoy our art museum, you might want to explore some of our land trust properties and their walking paths, or just get some lobster and ice cream.  However you decide to enjoy our town, rest assured, you will have a great time! Give me a call and I can give you even more suggestions.  Better yet, stop in and say hi!  Enjoy the day, Sue

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