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Summer 2.0?!

September 26, 2017

Summer is hanging on a little longer around New England this year and you’ll find no complaints here! This past week, with temperatures hitting 80 degrees or higher, has been a treat that I’m taking advantage of every chance I get! It feels as if I’ve spent more time at the beach this past week than all summer long.

This is a perfect time to pack up and travel to Ogunquit to enjoy a day at the beach or a weekend away. The busy tourist season is slowly dwindling but shops and restaurants are still open and waiting for you to visit. The ocean water is actually warmer now than it is in mid-August. At least it feels that way to me… I may have a touch of summer ending denial!

There truly is something magical in the air this time of year. You know a change is coming, you’re excited about it, but you still get to enjoy all the benefits of a warm summer day. Hopefully I’m not the only one taking advantage of this little bit of extra summer we’ve been blessed with. Judging by the folks opting to eat their lunches outside at the local cafés, the surfers dotting the ocean horizon and those out walking to their destinations instead of driving it looks like I’m not alone.

Enjoy it while you can folks! Even if just for a moment. The snow will be falling before you can put away your bathing suits and sundresses!


One final week of summer 2017…

September 14, 2017

Are we really approaching the final week of Summer 2017?! With the sun shining and temperatures hitting over 80 degrees all week long it’s hard to believe “fall” is just around the proverbial corner!

With any change (a new job, a move, or a new season) it is often a time for reflection of the past and excited preparation for the future (I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought of costume ideas for Halloween already)! As this summer slowly ends I hope yours was filled with positive memories: trying new and exciting activities or revisiting your tried and true favorites. The Ogunquit area is filled with so many wonderful ways to enjoy both seasons from the obvious such as Marginal Way and our beautiful powder sand beaches to the hidden gems such as the Rachel Carson Preserve. Hopefully you were able to take advantage of all the wonderful activities this tiny town has readily available to you.

And if you haven’t lived Summer 2017 to the fullest, don’t fret, you still have seven days left!

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