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Svedka Vodka Dinner-Friday February 27, 2009

February 20, 2009


You’re invited! Your high spirits added with a little bit of our own top-shelf spirits will make for the perfect evening. We will be hosting a Mardi Gras dinner with Svedka Vodka. Reception at 6:30PM and Dinner at 7:00PM. One week from today! Call to confirm your reservations.  207.646.3111


But I locked the door.

February 19, 2009

istock_000007988409xsmallWe had a woman come to the desk yesterday.  She was checking out and was returning the keys.  Her young son ran into the lobby and she turned around surprised.  “What are you doing???” She cried.  “The car is running!  Get back inside!”

He looked at her and replied,” But Mommy, I locked the door for you.”

She had to call her husband to get the second key! 

We laughed!!  It was classic

Mardi Gras this Weekend. Feb. 20-22

February 18, 2009

crazy-hat-partyJoin the fun. And we mean fun.




Friday, Feb. 20. 9:00 PM – MaineStreet on Main Street
King and Queen Crowning Competitiion. Trivia questions earn the right to lead Saturday’s parage.
Saturday, Feb. 21 11:30 – 1:00 at Fancy That Courtyard on Main St.
Noon-2:00 Crazy Hat Party – MaineStreet on Main Street
2:00 – 3:00 PM Parade from MaineStreet to the Front Porch to the Old Village Inn
3:00 PM Parade Awards – Old Village Inn
7:00 PM Funky divas of gospel Dunaway Center off Shore Rd.
Sunday, Feb. 22 Shops & Restaurants open all weekend.

Snow Lovers Rejoice

February 18, 2009

Winter storm warning in effect for Wednesday night into Thursday!  That’s the buzz around town today.  All of our outdoor enthusiasts are praying for another fresh blanketing of that fluffy white stuff.  Nothing beats fresh tracks in the morning.  Can’t wait to see how much we get!        

Colton update

February 18, 2009

family1Ok, I know its a been a while since I caught you all up.  Yes, I got your emails…

Colton is doing fabulous.  He turned 1 in January and is into everything.  He loves to run and be chased; and for some reason thinks pots and pans are the best toys ever.  $700.00 worth of educational toys in this house and he goes for my stainless steel.  Must be a boy! 

He took his first cruise back on Thanksgiving.  He did great.  So great in fact that we are taking another one March 1st.  This time we have 15 family members to act as babysitters. I may get to relax by the pool this trip.

Can’t wait to see you all this summer! I’ll be looking for your smiling faces around the new pool.


Winter Wanderings

February 18, 2009

Not only do we still have a good base of snow left but we we’re also getting the warmer temperatures and plenty of sunshine! This is making for a great combination out on the trails. Our outdoor adventure tours have been getting people out into the best natural areas in Southern Maine. We had excursions to our local mountains and seacoast reserves. From winter hikes up the mountain to snowshoeing out onto the beach, we have it all! So, don’t wait too long to get up here or you’ll miss all the great winter trips happening right now.

School Vacation Week

February 10, 2009

vacationHello from Ogunquit.  A reminder that this week is a wonderful time to take a little trip to Maine.  We have a few rooms available mid-week during the school break.  You should take advantage of your ownership and stay the night or two.

So… if you begin to get cabin fever – come visit.

Stay warm,


FAO First Wine Tasting Dinner!

February 9, 2009

wine2On Saturday, January 31, we held the first Wine 
Tasting Dinner at Angelina’s Restaurante, right next door. Wow! What a huge success. We had sold out in six days-forty people gathered at 5:15 to quietly say hello to one another and enjoy the first glass of wine. The wine distributor discussed each of the wines being presented, with amusing quips and great factual information. This went on through the evening and by the time the first glass was finished, the noise level increased audibly!
Five dinner courses and three wines later, owners had made new friends, sampled new wines and appetites were sated. Five couples went out to breakfast together the next morning and the lobby in the front office found couples abuzz all morning to talk about their wonderful evening.
Can’t wait for the next one!!! Sign up early…

New Pool Bathrooms

February 6, 2009

bath32bath42We have completed the renovations to the pool bathrooms.  We resurfaced the floors in a pebble coating, wainscoating on the walls, new sinks, hand dryers and of course shells as accents…

I’m really excited to showcase this “extreme” pool makeover. It’s been long over due.

See you soon,


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