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The Falls Italian Wine Dinner

October 13, 2009

wine2It’s time for the second Italian Wine Dinner with the Falls! Last year it sold out in 6 days, and we’ve booked 1/3 of the availability on the first day this year….November 14 is the magical date for a delightful evening of wining and dining courtesy of The Falls, Angelina’s Ristorante and Pine State Distributors.

          The package includes an overnight stay at the Falls on Saturday night- Check-in 2pm or later. The dinner at Angelina’s is at 5:30pm and is five special courses:

1st Course: Foccacia Bread topped with Roasted Eggplant, tomatos,             olives, and Parmesan cheese

2nd Course: Goat Cheese Fritters tossed with a mixed Mesculin                               Salad

3rd Course: Vegetable Rissoto

4th Course: Filet Mignon Tips is a garlic cream sauce with sundried                       tomatoes, shallots and Portobello Mushrooms, tossed with Fettuccini

5th Course: Ricotta Cheese Cake with Balsamic Strawberries

Wine accompaniment for each course is included.

Gratuity not included.

          On Sunday, a $20 Breakfast Certificate is included to a local restaurant.

          This is a package for two, including the one night stay at the Falls in a whirlpool room, dinner and wine accompaniment at Angelina’s and a Breakfast Certificate for $20. Call 866-873-2766 for reservations. The prices are from $240 per couple.

Last year this was the talk of the town- Hurry to guarantee you seat!


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