Fall Observations


Well, fall is officially here and you can feel it!  The air has cooled down but that sun is still keeping us nice and warm.  The leaves are just starting to do their thing and it looks like Mother Nature is getting ready to put on another spectacular show!  We’re starting to see some patches of vibrant reds beginning to appear in isolated pockets.  Yes sir, the show is about to begin.

The fishing has been good.  The Stripers are still hungry and really active.  I saw a huge school of Bluefish working the bait-fish over pretty good the other day.  Glad I wasn’t in their way!  The water temp has been at a balmy 60 degrees lately.  It’s good for the fish and even better for us Mainers, as it’s one of our last chances to enjoy a dip without coming back in with icicles in our shorts.

We are thankful for those cold nights as they have appeared to put an end to our mosquitoes.  I think every mosquito in York County has had a taste of me this summer.  Of course, I probably ought to thank a lot of you folks for tagging along and running interference for me during my hikes.  As some of you found out, the larger my group the better chance of me keeping more of my blood.  If interested in this technique, look in the Mainer’s Survival Guide, Section 2, How to Use Tourists for Bait.

Not only are the fish really active but the deer and moose are starting to move again!  I saw four beautiful deer feeding in a farm field close to the resort the other night.  My neighbor just saw a moose lumbering down our street and back into the woods.  Now that the summer crowds are gone, I guess it’s time for the real locals to start coming back!


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