The Wonderful World of Lobstah!


whole red lobster isolated on white backgroundHow to eat ‘lobstah’

If you really want to enjoy every mouth-watering morsel, follow these simple instructions:
1. A fresh Maine lobster ready to eat
2. Make sure you are wearing appropriate clothes (ie. skip the fancy outfits) or don a bib. Twist off the eight small legs. Suck out the meat and juices. Crunching down on the legs helps.
3. Twist off the claws.
4. Crack the claws, then take out the meat. Don’t miss the slivers of meat in the claw’s “thumbs”
5. Tear and twist off the tail from the body. Break off the flippers and treat them in the same manner as the small legs. Now you can get the tail meat out. Place your thumb on the back of the tail where the flippers were and push hard. The tail meat will shoot out the front.
6. Separate the back of the body and eat the green tomalley (optional). Crack the body open sideways and remove the last vestiges of meat. Congratulations! You now eat lobstah like a native!


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