The ocean sets me free…



There is something to be said for fresh, salty air – it’s calming, yet invigorating.  Whether the sun is shining or a storm is brewing, it’s always inviting.  At least it is for me.   Now, I love the mountains and the woods.  Hiking a quiet trail or sitting and enjoying mountain vistas is a source of pleasure.  But….I’ll always pick the ocean when asked to choose.  If you close your eyes, you can probably just picture the waves lapping the shore.   I can hear the sounds now!  Seagulls calling to each other, sailboats going by, the occasional seashell or rock left behind, these are the things that call my name.  Here in Ogunquit, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the coastline.  You can sit on a soft, sandy beach and dip your toes in the clear, cool water.  If you’d rather, walk along the paved path on the Marginal Way and sit at one of many benches to take in the scenery.  Maybe a boat ride is your choice.  If so, check out the many cruising options available in Perkins Cove.  As I sit and type this, I’m thinking I might just have to take some time and visit the water.  I could call it ‘research’ for my job…..Hope to see you soon, enjoy the day!  Sue


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