You know you wanna see this…


margin 6-12-2

So, our weather in Maine has been a little crazy – cold and damp to hot and steamy to cold and damp, yet again.  That’s ok, though, because no matter what the weather we’re still having a great time!  One of the best places to explore in Ogunquit is the ‘Marginal Way’.  It’s a 1-1/4 mile long paved walking path along the rocky shoreline.  There are many benches along the way, both in the shade and in the sun.  The views up and down the coast are gorgeous and, at this time of the year, our sea roses are blooming.  Many thanks to Josiah Chase who, in 1925, donated the walking path to the town for all to enjoy.   This is the place to take in sights, sounds and smells – and it’s all good!  Be sure to check it out early morning and late evening.  You’ll want to see it at high and low tide, as well.  Check it out on a sunny day and on a rainy day.  I promise you, you’ll enjoy each visit.  And, if you’d like a guided tour, just sign up for my Monday morning excursion.  We are dropped of at Perkins Cove to start the walk, and finish at Main Beach.  (we actually extend the walk to include Shore Road in order to get to our pick-up spot). This tour is scheduled bright and early in the morning so that it’s not hot and not too busy.  I will tell you – summer season brings everyone out to the Margin to enjoy the walk, especially mid-day.  Looking forward to meeting you and spending some time together on ‘Marginal Way’!  Enjoy the day, Sue



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