The Rachel Carson Trail


rachel carson1

On of my favorite things to do is to introduce our guests to outdoor places they might not have heard about.  I have the pleasure of giving tours and educating people about our environment.  Our guests travel from many different parts of the US and abroad and sign on to these tours with me because they are interested in our little corner of the world.  We have some pretty special ‘protected’ places – whether it’s a National Wildlife Refuge or a non profit land trust – it’s always a good time for all.  One such place is the “Rachel Carson Trail” within the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge.  It’s a one-mile interpretive walking loop, suitable for all ages and abilities.  There are 11 different points of interest along the loop and a wonderful trail guide booklet to read along while taking in the views.  This is a salt marsh environment with a forested upland, creeks and plenty of opportunities for bird watching.  The booklet explains how this ecosystem works together, as a whole and unique but fragile community.  It also talks about Rachel Carson and her concerted efforts to protect this environment.  You will learn about the issues regarding our rising sea levels, and also how, currently, the National Wildlife Refuge is studying these issues and potential options to help our marshes adapt.  My hope is that these beautiful natural places will continue to be available and accessible for all future generations to enjoy.  As for me, I will enjoy our protected lands as much as possible, take lots of pictures, and do my best to pass along my ‘love’ for the outdoors to anyone who wants to join in on a tour.  Enjoy the day!  Sue


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