Food, beer, wine – oh my!



Do you like tours? Do you like food? Do you like beer and wine? Well, then, you’re reading the right blog!  Here at The Falls, not only do we offer tours around town for hiking and site seeing, we also offer suggestions to please your palate.  Both north and south of the resort, you’ll find fun opportunities to explore the region and it’s delicious offerings.

Let’s start in Portland, ME:  Maine Foodie Tours offers year round walking tours for some of the best food you’ll ever taste!  (Portland is a foodie destination, after all.)   You have a couple of choices for beer tasting fun in Portland.  Both Maine Beer Tours and The Maine Brew Bus give you the opportunity to sample our local micro-brews and you don’t have to walk!  And, not to forget the wine enthusiast, Wine Wise offers walks around Portland to sample pairings based on regions around the world.  Sounds like fun!

If you decide to head down to NH, which is less than 1/2 hour away from the Resort, you’ll definitely want to hook up with Colleen at Portsmouth Eats.  Her walking food tours will leave you wanting to come back to Portsmouth each time you visit.  (With over 170 restaurants in town, you have plenty of choices!) And, let’s not forget our NH breweries.  Granite State Growler Tours offers a full range of tours for your bubbly fun.

I hope you find this information valuable and informative.  Remember to book a tour or two when before you check in so you don’t miss a spot.  We are always happy to help you a the Front Desk.  Looking forward to seeing you!  Enjoy the day, Sue


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