Now, don’t be deceived – it might look like everyone is staying in all bundled up under blankets.  Actually, though, this pic was taken before anyone was awake for the day! I thought it would be a good photo to use (thanks, Carol!) in order to emphasize that it’s COLD today!  The weather people are predicting some snow tonight and tomorrow.  But what do you expect?  This is the Northeast, after all.  And around here, we know how to have a good time in the cold and the snow.  Do you like to ice skate?  Then head up to Kennebunk for some outdoor skating right downtown.  Or, you can head down to Portsmouth, NH and skate at Strawbery Banke.  How about some sledding?  Take a drive to South Berwick and take a couple of runs down Powderhouse Hill.  If you’ve never been snow tubing, then you are really missing some fun!  Just a little ways north of the Resort, you’ll find Seacoast Adventure Park.  Take a spin (literally) on one of their tubes and you’ll find you love snow and cold!  I have to be honest, we are not really close to any big ski mountains.  But, we have our beach that is beautiful in the summer and also in the winter.  There’s nothing like a walk along the shore when you’re the only one there.  You might find things you’ve never seen before.  You’ll still be able to listen to the waves crash and watch birds soaring,  and you can be sure that no one will be kicking sand at you!

Hope you’ll be able to take some time to visit us this winter.  Pack an extra layer or two, stop by to visit me and I’ll make sure to get you to wherever you want to enjoy in the cold!  Enjoy the day,  Sue


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