How’da ya like them apples?



Apple pie, apple donuts, apple cider, candy apples…sorry, I got lost in my thoughts.  I love apples and especially love fresh-picked ones!  It’s a good thing, too, since it’s the time of year when apples are weighing down the branches of the very trees that created them.  So, we’ll go out of our way to pick these apples and help along the nature of all things apple.  Speaking of picking apples, you might want to know where you can go to participate in this autumn ritual.  Here’s a list of local orchards located near the Resort:

1.  Spiller Farm – 1054 Branch Road, Wells ME –

2.  Pine View Orchard – Pine View Road, Berwick ME  – #207-698-5891

3.  McDougal Orchards – Rte 11A, Springvale ME –

4.  Applecrest Farm Orchards – 133 Exeter Rd, Hampton Falls NH  –

5.  Emery Farm – 135 Piscataqua Rd, Durham NH  –

I hope you’ll be able to find time to get outside and enjoy our crisp, fall air while enjoying a crisp, fresh apple!  And if you’re looking for other outdoor activities in the area, give me a call or send me an email.  I can be reached at ‘’, or by calling the Resort at #207-646-4600.  Enjoy the day!  Sue


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