If you enjoy the outdoors…



So, part of my job involves researching great places to take our guests on hikes (or leisurely walks in the woods…) around the Resort.  I’m sure you’re thinking “Oh, tough job” and I would have to reply “no, it’s awesome!”  A great place I found today, thanks to the Great Works Regional Land Trust, is Payeur Preserve.  It’s right down the road and easily accessible with plenty of parking.  This is a  35 acre property with a 1 mile walking loop that follows stone walls, some of which are doubled due to the former cattle farm in close proximity.  In this beautiful protected area you’ll find vernal pools and dense thickets of trees.  This property was donated to the Land Trust by Mr. Richard E. Payeur and will always be conservation land.  I’m definitely adding it to my weekly activities schedule!  If your looking for more places to explore outdoors, I would highly recommend checking out the websites of the following local land trusts:

If you’re planning on visiting us sometime soon, please make sure you check out our website for the current Activities Schedule.  If there is someplace you’d like to explore and don’t see it on my schedule, give me a call.  I might be able to add it in!  Don’t forget to like our Facebook page, as well.  Enjoy the day, Sue


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