It’s a beautiful summer!



The weather here in Ogunquit has been amazing – warm, sunny days and cool breezy nights.  We sure couldn’t ask for anything more!  Or could we?? Maybe you’re getting bored with the beach.  If so, why don’t you check out what we have to offer at the Resort for fun!  Do you enjoy walking or biking tours?  We got that.  How about outdoor games and yoga?  Yup, we got that, too.  Perhaps you’re the creative type, one who feels inspired by our environment and wants to remember your time here with a handmade souvenir?  Then you’re in the right place, we offer that!   Remember to check out our Activities schedule, there are a number of ways you can do this:  We post weekly schedules on our website; we hand you a printed schedule upon check-in; we write the daily activities on a board located on the patio; and we have a hallway with sign-ups sheets right near the board games.  You can always ask anyone who works here about we do, as well!  Hope to see you soon, enjoy the day!  Sue


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