There’s alway plenty to do around here!


maine map2

So, you’ve decided to visit Maine – well, let me give you a few ideas for some fun.  Let’s start in award-winning Ogunquit!  First, you need to check out our beautiful sandy beaches.  Although they might have different names, they are really one long stretch and can be walked very comfortably any time of day.  Then you need to head to our Marginal Way.  This is a 1-1/4 mile walk along the rocky coastline, also in Ogunquit.  See, we have two beautiful ways to be by the ocean!  You should be hungry by this time, so make sure you check out one of our many, many dining options.  We have casual, formal, breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack!  Then it’s time to take in a Broadway quality show.  The Ogunquit Playhouse is open for the season and is a sought after venue for stars!  (They like to spend time in Ogunquit, too!)  Or maybe you’d like a more intimate show.  If so, make sure to find out who’s at Jonathans in – you guessed it – Ogunquit!  Don’t forget to find time to shop at our local retail establishments, you’ll find all sorts of treasures.  Do you need a t-shirt?  How about some jewelry or locally crafted art?  You’ll find something for everyone on your gift list, just make sure your name is on the list, too.  Hope this information gives you a great start to your Maine vacation.  I’ll post other activities around Ogunquit next time.  Looking forward to meeting you!  Sue



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