Capriccio 2012:Ogunquit’s Festival of the Arts


Capriccio, a two week celebration of the arts in Ogunquit, has a distinct musical approach this year. From September 3 through September 10 there will be music at the Dunaway Center, Ogunquit Playhouse, the Baptist Church, Jonathan’s and the Barn Gallery, in addition to other arts and cultural events at locations all around town.
Capriccio was started by Ogunquit Performing Arts 22 years ago to celebrate Ogunquit’s 10th anniversary as an independent town. It has grown from a weekend long town-wide festival of the Arts. Special this year is the number of musical events all around town.
Perhaps one of the most popular features of Capriccio is the Kite Festival on Ogunquit Beach on September 8, from 9 am to 2 pm. Free kites are available for children to decorate and fly, and possibly win prizes. Professionals with large colorful kites also participate. The skies are full of kites , an impressive display and a delightful way to enjoy a day at the beach whether you fly a kite or not!.
Another special feature of Capriccio is the Antique Show and Sale at the Dunaway Center Saturday and Sunday, September 15 and 16.


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