George Carpenter’s Works on display


The Beth Ellis Cove Gallery in Perkins Cove is currently featuring the works of the late George Carpenter. This exhibit, which includes several drawings and a series of watercolors, which have never before been shown, is on view through October 15th.

George Carpenter was a master impressionist whose work in oil and watercolor paintings reflected his love of the sea and New England. He and his wife Virginia moved to Ogunquit in 1963 where he opened his gallery across from the footbridge in Perkins Cove in 1983. At this location he became known as “the mayor of Perkins Cove.”

Carpenter dies on June 18, 2006, while painting in his gallery at Perkins Cove. His classic Rockport style has been admired and collected by many over the years. The Beth Ellis Cove Gallery is open daily. For more information, call 207-646-7700.


2 Responses to “George Carpenter’s Works on display”

  1. Steve Roberts Says:

    I am in possession of a watercolor of George Carpenter and also
    three pastels (2 are large) of Markowicz ( I think his first name
    was Ron)…if I sent you photos could you tell me there value?

  2. capecodblogger Says:

    You could try The Beth Ellis Cove Gallery. She is more likely to know…or to be able to refer you to someone who could help you.

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