Wonder Mountain Fun Park


Since it’s ground-breaking in 1987 Wonder Mountain has grown and evolved to a multi-attraction family fun park. Today it features two 18-hole mini golf courses, a large arcade and…their newest attraction…The Treasure Trap Maze, a human maze which is fun for all ages. Wonder Mountain is located in Moody , which is a part of Wells, just a short drive to the left of the resort. It is open daily from late May through Labor Day, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The Treasure Trap Human Maze is a new outdoor human maze  amusement,  a new concept in family fun attractions. This is not a game of chance and there’s no fear of getting lost or trapped. It’s an adventure in which you can hone your navigational skills and challenge yourself to beat the clock. One of the great features of this human maze system is that it can be changed frequently. So, if you’ve mastered the maze on a previous visit, don’t get too cocky…you might not meet the challenge the next time around. Repeat visits are encouraged.

The most popular and long standing attractions are the two 18-hole extreme miniature golf courses. Mountain Mania has been totally  rebuilt for this season. This is a family-oriented 18-hole mini golf course. The second extreme 18 hold course is Nautical Nightmare. It is a more challenging course more well-suited for teens and adults. Both courses feature waterfalls, plush gardens, streams and unique caves which enhance your playing experience.  Wonder Mountain Fun Park.


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