Angelina’s Wine Dinner a Blast!


Another Great Wine Dinner

This past Saturday, The Falls held the second wine /dinner at Angelina’s. We thought the first one was great, but this one proved to be even better. 40 Vacation Club owners signed up within three days of the announcement and despite 6.3 inches of rain, everyone showed up.

By the second glass of wine, no-one cared that it was raining cats and dogs!

Five courses of wonderful food (and lots of it) accompanied by appropriate wines with each course, and the smiles were wide spread, the conversation volume was up and owners had made lots of new friends. Good thing Angelina’s is just next door- no-one had to drive far to get home…..

Many of the owners who were there had attended the first wine/dinner, so be sure to watch for the next scheduled dinner- you won’t want to miss it!!!!


3 Responses to “Angelina’s Wine Dinner a Blast!”

  1. stephen doldt Says:

    food was awesome and the company great. my wife and i stayed saturday nite only, but we both agreed that it felt like a whole weekend. we walked the marginal way sunday morning after breakfast. the strom that brought all that rain had moved out, but the ocean was still churning up hugh waves. it was just a great weekend.

  2. Ogunquit Vacation Rentals Says:

    Angelina’s has the best italian food in town. I just wish they were closer to town!

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