The Marginal Way Beckons You


marginalThe Marginal Way beckons you to follow its path. You enter, meander, stroll, sit, stop and wonder at the beauty. How could you ever leave? It is where you return to first whenever you visit beautiful Ogunquit.

Seeing the crashing water, the rocks, the tiny beachlets, the brightness of the sun and smelling the expanse of ocean makes summer creep back into your being. The beach, in the distance, embraces all varieties of people, umbrellas, kids and sand structures. Lifetimes of summers past return to form the sights, smells, sounds and touches of memory. And no matter how many times you return, it is never the same.

The path spawns traffic all day through. In the early morning it is sleepy parents with strollers, toddlers, joggers and power walkers. Mid-morning finds men and women of all ages enjoying a taste of heaven. Later on, families on vacation and teenagers- some interested in where they are and others not. Young adults and young couples come and go throughout the lazy afternoon hours. Later in the evening, those going to dinner or strolling populate the route. Whatever the time of day, watching the people mesmerized by this wonderful strip of land makes you smile.

In the early fall, when the mornings are crisp, the clear cold air welcomes you and only an occasional other walker is nearby. You stop at certain points to take mental notes for daydreaming use in the winter, and you can hardly wait for next summer so you can return ……


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