Welcome to Funtown Splashtown USA where the great American family comes to play! It is northern New England’s largest family themed amusement and water park. Some of the largest attractions in northern New England are there in sunny Saco, Maine.
At Funtown Ride Park, fun comes in all shapes and sizes. The park is the home of Maine’s only wooden roller coaster Excalibur, Northern New England’s largest vertical ride, Dragon’s Descent, New England’s longest and tallest log flume ride, Thunder Falls, and a large collection of family and kiddie rides. The hugh selection of games, shops and family fun activities provides something for everyone.
The slides in Splashtown are the thrilling black tunnel slide called Splish that is completely dark inside. For the less brave, the translucent tunnel slide called Splash, and for the adventurest there is a double tube river run called Liquid Lightning. There is also the Fun Lagoon for the smaller guests and their families to enjoy…..more…..Mammoth (family raft slide), Tornado (another family raft slide), Corkscrew (mat slide), Portland Pirates Paradise (5 kiddie slides and 3 body slides) and Fun Lagoon (a family play area).
Discount tickets for Funtown , Splashtown or the combo are available at the front desk!


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