It’s Happening Now!!!


I was off yesterday, the last day of March, so I drove around town to witness all the buzz for the start of the 2009 season. Sure enough, as I expected, shop doors were open, yards were being raked, sand was being swept and people were smiling! Our favorite shop, Spoiled Rotten is already open… The owners were busily re-arrangine merchandise to make room for this year’s new stuff and they were looking forward to an active season after this dismal and long winter.
Amore Breakfast moved to a new location on Shore Road, close to the entrance of Perkins Cove and it appeared to be an army of ants running around with furniture and wall decorations so that the doors can open on Friday morning, April 3. Lanne, the owner, was smiling as usual with the anticipation of people taking a run up to Ogunquit to escape the blahs of the poor economy.
At Wild Blueberry Cafe, the crews were painting and cleaning and Joe, the checf, was working on the season’s new menus. They will be open for breakfast on Patriot’s Day weekend. Richard, the new manager, has great new plans for eating outside on the side deck, and a bar inside. Dinner will be available in May.
So, make your plans to hurry on up and enjoy all the enthusiasm for the 2009 season!!!


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