Winter Sleigh Rides


sleighWintertime in Maine brings with it elegance and serenity that can only be seen from a horse-drawn sleigh being pulled through the tranquil atmosphere of Kennebunkport. Enjoy the snow sprinkled pine trees and frost tipped fields while you glide leisurely with family, friends and others enjoying this special time spent together.

Upon completion of your ride, what better way to top off your journey than to warm up next to a crackling fire enjoying the simple pleasures of hot chocolate and conversation. Step back into the way life should be, if only for a day, and experience a true Maine adventure.

Visit Rockin’ Horse Stables in Kennebunkport, just 20 minutes or so from the Falls. Group rides are scheduled each weekend and private rides are available 7 days a week. There are small, medium and larges sleighs that hold 2, 8 or 18 adults. call 207-967-4288 for schedules.


One Response to “Winter Sleigh Rides”

  1. Sleigh Driver Says:

    This past winter I took my wife on one of these sleigh rides. It was a night we will never forget! The ride was exquisite and the atmosphere around the fire after the ride was magical. It was a wonderful, perfect experience.

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