*Cold Weather Packing List*


snowman_000001804092xsmall1Remember when you were a kid and your mother would dress you in multiple layers from head to toe with every piece of exposed skin covered and by the time you made it out of the house you looked like the “Michelin Man”?  Well, she was right!  Because those were the days you stayed outside for hours, had a great time and received all the wonderful benefits of fresh air, sunlight, and exercise.  So when you’re packing, just bring what your mom would want you to wear…Everything!

 · Always dress in layers…you can always take it off if you get too warm but you can’t put in on if you didn’t bring it!

· Long underwear, wool blend socks, and moisture wicking materials go a long way for your core layer.· Warm boots, gloves, hats, and scarves are key to extending your outdoor playtime.  Be sure your boots and gloves are waterproof if you like being dry!· Your outer layer should be waterproof and breathable.  This includes pants!  Rain pants and snow or ski pants are crucial if you really want to have fun and enjoy all of Maine’s moods.

·  Fleece makes for a great layering garment because of its light weight and warm characteristics.

·  Don’t forget a good umbrella.  You only have to use it once to be worth its weight in gold.   


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