Ice Storm 2008


Have you heard? On Thursday, December 11 at 2:00 a.m., we had extensive power outages here in Maine (other parts of New England, too) from a powerful ice storm. As of today, December 17 only a small number of households remain without—Here at the resort, power was restored on Saturday night at 8:15  p.m.

What A Friday and Saturday we had! Central tried to help us out contacting owners, exchanges and renters (we had no telephone services either) to let them know of the situation and to suggest that they not come (no water, no heat, no electricity!). A few brave soulds showed up anyway- a couple actually stayed!!! But on Saturday we had to ask everyone to leave because the sprinkler system was no longer operational. We here in the front office had no electric, or heat, but we stuck it out with candles and the residual heat  from the ever cooling swimming pool. Some even went to their cars to warm up from time to time.

Once power returned, we had locals coming by because their power at home was still out and they needed the warmth of our beautiful suites and the pleasure of a hot shower! But Mainers are a tough lot-we stick together and survive somehow (I personally had a houseful of people and dogs). The Christmas by the Sea weekend was postponed to next weekend- Businesses held their chins up and vowed to wait it out. Don’t you know, today is the first of three new snow storms to roll through! Only a few inches now, but six to eight more Friday afternoon to Saturday morning and yet another for Sunday…. Gosh, winter hasn’t even started yet!!!!


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