Maine Lighthouses


What is it about lighthouses that so fascinates people? Is it the romantic idea of the self-reliant keeper and his family marking long days and nights on isolated islands? Is it the altruistic notion of doing a job where countless lives can literally depend on you? In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in these earliest of aids to navigation. Ironically, it comes at a time when all lights along the coast remaining in service have been automated.

Lighthouses have been captivating the hearts and imagination of people the world over from the moment someone decided it might be a good idea to warn ships at sea about navigational dangers with a lighted signal. Perhaps it’s the function that is so appealing-the mission to save lives and the property of seafarers and the businesses that employ them. Perhaps it’s the form-the sturdy little towers, looming bravely out of the fog from desolate islands or rocky coastlines. Some may be drawn to the romance of the lightkeeper’s life-the little family huddling together around a stove on a stormy winter night, while pa climbs the tower to light the lantern. Or it might be the symbolism- a beacon of hope in a vast sea of trouble and turmoil.

Whatever the reason, from the southern coast of Maine to the downeast region, there are many lighthouses to be enjoyed while you discover some of Maine’s maritime heritage, picturesque harbors and the rocky coastline! The closest and most frequently photographed and painted, is the Nubble Lighthouse in York, just 8 miles from the resort. And only 35 miles north in the Portland area is the Portland headlight. Check with the front desk for a lot more information on lighthouses on up the coast. And for those of you who crave those lighthouse souveniers, only 7 miles north of the resort is the Lighthouse Depot, the world’s largest shop of its kind.

So while you’re visiting us here in Ogunquit, don’t forget to think about seeing these wonderful relics of old!!

More Maine Lighthouse info.


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