After Columbus Day in Ogunquit


Now that we’ve passed Columbus Day, the world thinks that the season is over…It’s not!!!!! The thought comes from the old concept of summer water. When I bought my first house here in 1975, it had summer water, meaning water was supplied through pipes that ran along the road above ground.  It was only safe to run the water from mid-April to mid-October. So, the season “opened” Patriot’s Day weekend in April and “closed ” Columbus Day weekend in October. Now, that concept is gone and we really don’t close down!!!

In fact, now’s the time to get on the road and visit all those quaint little towns along the coast you’ve heard about. Just north of Portland you can re-join route 1 which winds it’s way along the coast (not on the water, though). Depending on how how far you want to drive you can vist Bath, Brunswick, Wiscasset (where you’ll find Reds with the best lobster roll you’ve ever had) , Boothbay Harbor, Rockland or Camden. Check with the front desk to get a copy of the drives that will take you to these towns. It’s basically 1 1/4 hours to 2 1/2 hours to visit these towns or, if you have a mind to drive 4 hours, you can visit Bar Harbor and Arcadia National Park. The point is, traffic is way down and the drive is not stressful as it is in mid-season.

Besides, in Ogunquit, shops and restaurants will still be open and you can stroll through the town without mobs of people. Don’t forget to go do all those things you love in the summer but without the crowds!!!


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