The Fun Doesn’t End with Labor Day!


There is a crossroads at the center of Ogunquit that is a convergence of cars turning left, right and trying to merge both ways. It’s a mess. But amazingly, no one honks or curses. Cars fit in where they can and the whole thing runs pretty smoothly. Slow, but smoothly! It’s a typical New England meeting of the minds that somehow works out for the best regarding all involved.

This intersection at the center of Ogunquit has always mirrored the ways of the town: A lot of people, going different directions, merging and just merrily going on their own way. I love Ogunquit. It’s a family and gay-friendly town where, like the intersection, everyone is treated equally. Here’s the secret : Ogunquit is a cosmopolitan town with an incredible beach, friendly locals and a great art scene and an even greater theater. You can sunbathe, walk the Marginal ay, eat a gourmet meal and then see a theater production of, say, My Fair Lady or The Producers. I’ve seen everyone from Sally Struthers to Lorenzo Lamas downtown and acting at the Ogunquit Playhouse.

Here’s the other secret: Ogunquit is best in September. The weather is warm, the water is warmer, and the sky is a bright blue. It’s the beach of your childhood dreams. It’s groomed daily. There is little, if any trash. Of course, it’s still wonderful in the summer, but a little more crowded.

Come-you’ll love it!


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